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Dim Sum / Appetizer - Cold

Seaweed salad with crab meat

Green thai papaya salad with sweet sour shrimps

Green thai papaya salad with shrimps, squids and clams “spicy”

Salmon carpaccio salad marinated “sour“

Shrimps and squids salad in yuzu sauce

Octopus in spicy sauce with cucumber and grapefruit

Salmon tartar with black thai rice on avocado cream

Sea bass and red shrimps tartar

Marinated chicken served with spicy sauce

Chicken salad with pomegranate and green apple

Roll of toufu stuffed with green papaya, crab meat and prawns

Vietnamese fresh rolls with shrimp and vegetables

Seaweed hanawakame salad

Marinated octopus with fresh wasabi

Dim Sum / Appetizer

Soybean pods (edamame)

Claims with ginger and leek “spicy”

Eggplant “boat” with sauteed meat “spicy”

Basket of scallops in XO sauce “spicy”

Prawn crackers

Vegetables spring rolls

White fish and soy beans spring roll

Prawns in filo pastry served with sweet mango sauce

Minced beef fried with black pepper on iceberg salad

DOU prawn toast

Scallops served with soy sauce and balsamic vinegar

Chicken meatballs in teriyaki sauce

Shrimp, potato and vegetables meatballs

Eggplant meatballs

Taro meatballs

Meat and shrimps meatballs steamed with thai rice

Chicken barbaque with curry sauce

Breaded shrimps barbeque

Meat wanton served with fresh chili “spicy“

Fish wanton

Dim Sum - Steam

Meat dumplings

Shrimp dumplings

Vegetable dumplings

Meat and turnip top dumplings

Turnip top, shitake mushroom and smoked tou-fu dumplings

Beef dumplings

Scallops and crab meat dumplings

Duck with truffle sauce and spicy sauce dumplings

Chicken curry dumplings

Seafood dumplings with tobiko

Shrimps, meat and mushrooms dumplings with korean spicy sauce sauce

Xiaolongbao - Shanghai's Dumplings

Pork and black truffle xiaolongbao

Pork and caramelized onions xiaolongbao

Fish and artichokes sauce xiaolongbao

Shrimps xiaolongbao “spicy”



Spicy and sour soup

Scallop and mushrooms soup

Dim Sum - Grilled

Grilled meat dumplings

Grilled meat and turnip top dumplings

Grilled shrimp dumplings

Grilled beef dumplings


Sea bass with sweet and sour sauce

Sea bass with coconut milk and mustard

Sea bass flavoured with ginger and chives

Sea bass with red curry and thai leaf “spicy”

Fillet of sea bass with white pepper and vegetables

Seared salmon with avocado cream and vegetables

Seared salmon with mango and mustard sauce

Grilled salmon served with spicy sauce and coriander

Turbot “bi face”


Shrimps in red thai curry “spicy”

Shrimps and squids “salt and pepper”

Shrimps with sambal oelek sauce “spicy”

Shrimps with green beans in abalone’s sauce

Shrimps and squid with green onions and vegetables

Shrimps with asparagus and XO sauce

Pranws in spicy sauce

Soft shell crab “salt and pepper”

Soft shell crab with curry “spicy”


Wagyu (Japanese beef) level A5 scalded

Beef in spicy broth with sichuam pepper, hot pepper and vegetables

Diced beef fillet with vegetables in teriyaki sauce

Diced beef fillet with Sambal Oelek sauce “spicy”

Diced beef fillet in black pepper sauce

Beef in sweet caramel sauce with vegetables

Beef sauteed with mushrooms

Strips of beef fried with coriander , chives , pine nuts and sesame

Beef chops marinated with soy sauce, honey and mustard sauce

Roast duck served in peking duck style

Satè duck “spicy”

Chicken in yellow thai curry and potatoes

Chicken in sweet and spicy sauce

Chicken with Sambal Oelek sauce and thai leaf “spicy”

Chicken with ginger and leeks

Kung-pao chicken “spicy”

Chicken with almonds

Salt and pepper pork ribs

Oriental sauce’s pork ribs

Lamb chops served with peanuts spicy sauce


Ramen with shrimps and XO sauce “spicy”

Black ramen with shrimps and red curry sauce “spicy a little hot”

Noodles sauteed with shrimps, squids and vegetables

Fried noodles with beef, shrimps and vegetables

Udon pasta with shrimps and vegetables in abalone sauce

Korean rice gnocchi with yellow curry sauce, artichokes and beef

Korean rice gnocchi with pesto sauce and pork “spicy”

Pad thai with chicken and vegetables served with spicy flavorings “spicy”

Pad thai with shrimp and vegetable


Plain rice

Fried rice with shrimps and vegetables

Fried rice with duck, pineapple and vegetables

Fried rice with chinese cabbage, meat and mushrooms

Black thai rice sauteed with shrimps, squids and asparagus

Crisp rice with chicken’s ragù

Thai glutinous rice steamed with pork, shrimp and shitake mushrooms


Sauteed pak choi

Sauteed thai water spinach (kang kong)

Seasonal mushrooms sauteed with truffle oil

Asian eggplant “spicy”

Green beans sauteed with minced meat

Tou-fu cooked with ground beef in spicy sauce  



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