HAO: “Our adventure at Dou, which means bean, one of the food that is the basis of Chinese cuisine and much of the Asian, was born in 2013 with the idea of becoming a restaurant capable of creating the widest variety of ravioli and xiaolongbao never seen in Milanese restaurants. Initially we used ingredients closer to Italian taste and then propose something really alternative as requested by our customers. So, within a few months, we began to make new combinations by adding them to the menu. The choice was immediately rewarding and from that moment we have not stopped. The whole proposal of our restaurant is based in reality on three great principles. The first is the experimentation or revisitation of Asian cuisine, especially Chinese. Quality and freshness at all costs are part of the second principle, while the third is based on the importance of service and always have an eye towards our customers so that they leave our restaurant bringing with them a unique culinary experience“.



Chinese Asian Restaurant

Piazza Napoli 25 - 20146 Milano Tel. +39.02.49636318  Email: info@douasianpassion.com

Conventioned park in Via Cola di Rienzo, 57


Piazza Napoli 25 - 20146 Milano

Tel. 02.49636318

Email: info@douasianpassion.com